...The Compact Scissor Lift That Fits Virtually Anywhere!

 Scissor Lift/Space max 700/710
  • No posts, no arms, no chains.
  • Double scissor, frame contact, wheels free design lifting over 78" (198cm).
  • Narrow, only slightly wider than a passenger car (80").
  • Clear floor, with full undercarriage access.
  • 8,000 lbs (3628 Kg) capacity accommodating passenger cars and light trucks.
  • Available above ground or as a flush mount, "In Ground".
  • Equipped with 2 multilevel locking systems with a single point "Dead Man" style release.
  • In ground pit - only 9 1/2" (24cm) deep! minimal excavation. Environmentally friendly self contained pit.



Structural Features:


1 piece precision machined rollers, sealed & hardened

Rubber lifting blocks - standard

Heavy duty plated steel, auto engaging lock


   670  715

Model 710 "Flush Floor" style

 Truck Adaptor

 Drive Through Ramp Kit